Rewired, not Retired

Retirement can be cunning and baffling.

It’s our time to relax, travel, breathe without stress.

We’ve worked many years for these days of delight.

Or are they? Are they shining and are we beaming?

Everyone has a story . Tell me yours.

For John and I its been an adjustment. Our dominant archetypes are changing . My queen is becoming a damsel, and his knight , the king.Power has shifted. I like to think that over the years we have empowered one  another. I am beginning to wonder and it feels like we are going back in time.

His new job seems to be looking after me. I am adjusting to someone making dinner, doing wash , helping around the house. I am not complaining but after 40 years when someone tells me how to do some thing different, well I laugh and get out of the way before the shitttt hits the fan. It’s all very funny really. We are tweaking our boundaries. I realize how much I did all those years and now its time to yield in the abundance from giving.

It’s difficult for him also. My nose is in the computer writing and time is of no essence or significance to me most days. I am very stubborn and do whatever I want whenever I like. At first he opposes and there are words said. I am not familiar to this exchange as he was away for many years on UN missions and I spent time alone . Seriously, there needs to be a “how to live with your spouse when retired’ book . Both of us are changing. We certainly are not the same people we were in 1974. 84-94-2004. Thank goodness for that.

Keeping up with each other, accepting, forgiving, playing, praying, grandchildren seems to be the new buzzwords.

We both have become servant to our grands, rescuer to our daughter and mother to one another. (good grief)  These archetypes weren’t in our original  charts when we caste them They are now in what is known as Kario time Now time.  Yes, times they are a changing.

Now tell us your story. Are you retired? Are you rewired, setting fire to the blaze?

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