Mortal beings , yes we are.


We are remarkable human beings. From conception to our last breathe.

Right from the onset we live as if we will exist forever.

This week we see how mortal we are. The deaths of so many famous people in their

60’s have been a great shock to us. Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Celine’s Husband Rene,Allan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, and of course our beloved David Bowie. We can have all the fame , money ,homes imaginable but the day will comes when it means very little. Our breathe will be worth so much more.

What are you doing today? Working, running,   caring for your children or grandchildren. Are you in gratitude or are you complaining about something . Maybe that something is small or perhaps it has left a blister on your heart. Whatever it is , take a breathe, the breathe that gives you life and witness your joy at being alive. We will all take our last breathe someday but for this day let the spirit of your breathe have you .

Are you afraid today? What are you anxious, in fear and fretful about? Asklilly , I will help you walk through whatever is a disturbance in your energy field.


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