Your Creations, your thoughts need action , Got it?

Lilly , I have been creating vision boards , practicing the law of attraction , nothing is working, Why?

Stephanie, You can create your vision boards, use your affirmations, think and feel your way into the spirit of who you are but until you create new habits, design new rituals, take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, love unconditionally, forgive everyone, NO THING is going to change. Your creations, your thoughts need action. GOT IT?

To Power Up Your Life you need to be empowered and that means you are invested in yourself. You are making the changes within. Not just wanting & waiting for your wishes to come true. That is like expecting to see Santa Claus. Get out there and exercise your mind, body & spirit. Stretch yourself beyond your limited boundaries  and do the work required to become your true essence.

“Just for today , let the spirit of action have you “

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