Lilly, talk to me about why I feel useless

When we are feeling useless, it is because we need to USE LESS of our energy so Spirit can direct us. (be still ) When we are feeling useless , use less stuff, its only stuff and can fill us with anxiety.

When we are feeling useful,   it is because we need to Use our energy to the maximum capacity as God directs us.. (move with grace) Use up your energy to fire up , power up and light up.

Just for today, Let the Spirit of  your energy have you”

The F Word

Lilly ,talk to me about the F word . How do I let go of the f word?

Denise, I understand that feeling of fear that can stalk us at work, at play, in families, in communities in the collective. These days fear can taint us all.  Questions like What’s going to happen?, Am I loved? Am I good enough? Will my family  be OK? How will we survive? What does my future look like? Will I be laid off? Will I have enough money to purchase food?

Today Fear is more of a collective experience and it consequences are of a different nature. Some of us have confronted visible signs of loss & fear every day. We have seen it, smelt it, felt it.

One of the lights in fear it that it makes us more aware and conscious of our

well-being and awaken us to do instead of waiting for someone to fix us.

Sometimes fear can leave us in chaos but as we have learnt chaos is essential to change.

Make changes today in yourself or your environment. Pledge to create a new ritual or habit. Walk through your fear with love in your heart and joy in your belly. F the fear and just for today, let the spirit of a fearless U, have you.