Lilly, Can you tell me where my archetypes will fall into my astrology wheel?


Hi Lisa,

Your archetypes are patterns ,energies that you are born with and take into this lifetime to reach your highest potential. This work come my studies with Caroline Myss and her Sacred Contracts.

I am also an Angel Therapist and will teach you which realm you are from . Star, Wise One, Elemental or Angel . Once we know which one and we have your astrology chart in front of you , YOU will decide which archetypes are true to you since your birth. You will cast them into your astrology chart and then I will help you read them through the lens of symbolism . You will come to an understanding of the difference between your fate vs your destiny. As someone said to me today, “This is fun”. Yes, it is fun but it is also deep work. Most people do not want to work on themselves and if they do it is superficial. They are not willing to look into their shadow but therein lies the holy grail. To turn our darkness into light is the true work of our inner alchemist.

So Lisa the answer to your question, no , I will not tell you where your archetypes will fall into your wheel , you will do the work required and Know Thyself.

Now let’s get started Fairy Realm.

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