Lilly, Can you tell me where my archetypes will fall into my astrology wheel?


Hi Lisa,

Your archetypes are patterns ,energies that you are born with and take into this lifetime to reach your highest potential. This work come my studies with Caroline Myss and her Sacred Contracts.

I am also an Angel Therapist and will teach you which realm you are from . Star, Wise One, Elemental or Angel . Once we know which one and we have your astrology chart in front of you , YOU will decide which archetypes are true to you since your birth. You will cast them into your astrology chart and then I will help you read them through the lens of symbolism . You will come to an understanding of the difference between your fate vs your destiny. As someone said to me today, “This is fun”. Yes, it is fun but it is also deep work. Most people do not want to work on themselves and if they do it is superficial. They are not willing to look into their shadow but therein lies the holy grail. To turn our darkness into light is the true work of our inner alchemist.

So Lisa the answer to your question, no , I will not tell you where your archetypes will fall into your wheel , you will do the work required and Know Thyself.

Now let’s get started Fairy Realm.

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The F Word

Lilly ,talk to me about the F word . How do I let go of the f word?

Denise, I understand that feeling of fear that can stalk us at work, at play, in families, in communities in the collective. These days fear can taint us all.  Questions like What’s going to happen?, Am I loved? Am I good enough? Will my family  be OK? How will we survive? What does my future look like? Will I be laid off? Will I have enough money to purchase food?

Today Fear is more of a collective experience and it consequences are of a different nature. Some of us have confronted visible signs of loss & fear every day. We have seen it, smelt it, felt it.

One of the lights in fear it that it makes us more aware and conscious of our

well-being and awaken us to do instead of waiting for someone to fix us.

Sometimes fear can leave us in chaos but as we have learnt chaos is essential to change.

Make changes today in yourself or your environment. Pledge to create a new ritual or habit. Walk through your fear with love in your heart and joy in your belly. F the fear and just for today, let the spirit of a fearless U, have you.


Your Creations, your thoughts need action , Got it?

Lilly , I have been creating vision boards , practicing the law of attraction , nothing is working, Why?

Stephanie, You can create your vision boards, use your affirmations, think and feel your way into the spirit of who you are but until you create new habits, design new rituals, take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, love unconditionally, forgive everyone, NO THING is going to change. Your creations, your thoughts need action. GOT IT?

To Power Up Your Life you need to be empowered and that means you are invested in yourself. You are making the changes within. Not just wanting & waiting for your wishes to come true. That is like expecting to see Santa Claus. Get out there and exercise your mind, body & spirit. Stretch yourself beyond your limited boundaries  and do the work required to become your true essence.

“Just for today , let the spirit of action have you “


“Lilly , talk to me about forgiveness” ,asks Marsha.

I’m going to just cut through the bullshit and speak frankly. I can only speak from my own experiences.

I hear people say ,” love is all that is real”, “gratitude is important,” “if we love that is enough.” Yes, all of this is important but I continue to see those who speak about love but have a difficult time putting it in action.

Let me give you a few examples.

A few years ago I hired someone I trusted. One day after our daughter died and I was travelling back and forth to Alberta to help my mother with her transition in her death, I was at a store  I owned . I was having a difficult time with this employee a year before and was going to let her go but , I loved her and thought “no, hang in there.” John my husband informed me many times I was making a mistake based on my feelings about why I SHOULD let her go but I paid no heed.

This one day, I asked, ‘What is happening to our friendship, it does not feel right anymore” Her answer, “You have changed, you are not in your joy anymore. “ I began to cry and said, “Let me put things into prospective for you . My child has committed suicide, my mother is dying, my father has had a stroke, I have had shingles twice in one year and this business is falling.”

She made a comment that was senseless to me at the time.

Fast forward to three month before I close the business ( my sacred space) . She comes in the store in a foul mood. I ask if she would like to talk about it. “No, she says,” You have no respect for me, you are cruel. You told me you wish my child was dead”. You are laying me off first . Why?

I was stunned. I realized why I wanted to let her go a year previous. Something was off in her and I would not admit it. She told me I was a witch, no one in town liked me. I was cruel. She was very angry that I was letting her go first. I had two months left and there was one employee who I was keeping on until the last day .

When she stormed out the door to go and gossip to others two things came into my mind. “ I killed that friendship as I killed my child & she and her behaviours are like my first born. I was once again dumbfounded. I had not realized I felt that way about Melanie.(that I had killed her, of course that is not true but I had more work to do around that issue )

I called a friend to ask what the hell is the matter with me that people feel this way. She replied that sometimes because I tell it like it is people are offended. I understood what she was saying and thanked her. I also thanked the employee in my heart and called her a noble friend. I was forced to take a good look into myself. In February of that year I sent her a valentine. Needless to say I have not heard anything from her since. She will talk about love, God, spirit without realizing that until we forgive there is no room for love.

Another example.: A friend’s husband dies. I offer her workshops, which she attends, I give her Trinity table rides to help with her grief, John and I invite her to a few dinners so she is not alone. Two years later through my grief, I do not hear a word from her. She comes into the store a few times and is cold. I am confused and amazed by her behaviour. Through another friend I find out she is upset I hired someone she was not fond off. Loyalty is very important to her and I was not loyal.

I email her to see if we can meet over dinner to discuss. I try to friend her on Facebook. Nothing. Not a word. She is unable to forgive but continues to speak about love when she is teaching.

My final example: While I had my store there is one woman who I have the pleasure to meet who is well known. We quickly become friends and I fall in love with her and her energy. She is available for anything I ask, as long as I have the store. Once I close , she vanishes. Deletes me from her Facebook . Again I am loss for words . It becomes laughable as I realize I attract these people to me. I love them, I trust them but there is something in me that is gullible, native. They are a wonder to me and allow me to reexamine self. I call them noble friends.

You hear this noble freind  talk about love but don’t bring up her mother , not a desired subject to discuss. She is still angry or hurt by her mom. I have obviously hurt her in someway. Neither of us is forgiven.

How can we love , be in gratitude without forgiveness? To be pure in heart and live in our souls we are required to call in forgiveness. Not just for us but for others. To love without forgiveness is like a book with a pretty cover with no substance. That kind of love is in the head, not the heart. The heart and its brain, is loving, grateful and forgiving.

The next time you fall in love, ask yourself, “Can I forgive this person no matter who they are or  what they do?” Do you love with conditions? Do you love because it serves you?

Loving forgiveness does not only serve us or others but the collective. The Whole of the Holy.

Forgive, be grateful and let your LOVE shine.   Be wise in your choices.


Rewired, not Retired

Retirement can be cunning and baffling.

It’s our time to relax, travel, breathe without stress.

We’ve worked many years for these days of delight.

Or are they? Are they shining and are we beaming?

Everyone has a story . Tell me yours.

For John and I its been an adjustment. Our dominant archetypes are changing . My queen is becoming a damsel, and his knight , the king.Power has shifted. I like to think that over the years we have empowered one  another. I am beginning to wonder and it feels like we are going back in time.

His new job seems to be looking after me. I am adjusting to someone making dinner, doing wash , helping around the house. I am not complaining but after 40 years when someone tells me how to do some thing different, well I laugh and get out of the way before the shitttt hits the fan. It’s all very funny really. We are tweaking our boundaries. I realize how much I did all those years and now its time to yield in the abundance from giving.

It’s difficult for him also. My nose is in the computer writing and time is of no essence or significance to me most days. I am very stubborn and do whatever I want whenever I like. At first he opposes and there are words said. I am not familiar to this exchange as he was away for many years on UN missions and I spent time alone . Seriously, there needs to be a “how to live with your spouse when retired’ book . Both of us are changing. We certainly are not the same people we were in 1974. 84-94-2004. Thank goodness for that.

Keeping up with each other, accepting, forgiving, playing, praying, grandchildren seems to be the new buzzwords.

We both have become servant to our grands, rescuer to our daughter and mother to one another. (good grief)  These archetypes weren’t in our original  charts when we caste them They are now in what is known as Kario time Now time.  Yes, times they are a changing.

Now tell us your story. Are you retired? Are you rewired, setting fire to the blaze?

Do you have a question? Ask Lilly